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Get To Know SIMC

Established in 2016, Shahida Islam Medical Complex focuses on providing students with medical training to get a solid foundation for learning the skills and gaining the experience needed to excel as a Medical Assistant. The curriculum emphasizes administrative and clinical skills and includes extensive medical terminology, medical office procedures, medical and clinical procedures, basic anatomy and physiology, and special duties common in the field.

Constituent Institutions

Medical College

Dental College

Rehabilitation Sciences

Nursing College

Pharmacy College

Paramedical School​

SIMC Facilities

Shahida Islam Medical and Dental College is not only a leading College of Medicine and Dentistry but an institution that believes in the wholesome approach to education. We consider that our students will thrive when given the challenges and joys of education and extracurricular activities together, under our care. Here is how we support our students’ learning process

Our Accreditation & Affiliations

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