Dr. Shahida Nasreen Islam

The concepts of education and, more specifically, medical and allied education are experiencing rapid evolution in every discipline. It remains essential for today’s students to understand theoretical knowledge and keep abreast with research and the latest developments. The teaching from the teacher-centered approach has shifted to student-centered learning. We, at Shahida Islam Medical Complex Lodhran, believe that tomorrow’s health care professionals graduating from our various institutions should be high-quality graduates who are practically skilled to enter the world of work with high ethical values nurturing excellence in their fields and focused on research with an ability to serve the society with a sense of duty and honesty.

We believe that our faculty is one of the best in the region, and they can add to your academic and social skills. Our institutions will guide you to excellence in academics and research and give you a wonderful experience of the projects, community work, co-curricular and recreational activities. This will help you to become not only a better professional but more of a better human being.

We offer you the best training in your chosen field, whether you intend to become a medical doctor, a dental doctor, a physiotherapist, a nurse, a technologist, or a dispenser. Our dedicated teaching staff is determined to make you a competent professional with qualities that will distinguish you from the graduates of the rest of the region’s institutions if not of the world.

I welcome you to join the complex comprising SDMC, SDDC, SICRS, SICP, SINC, and SIPS in your chosen field. Our excellent faculty, great campus, and conducive environment promise an enriching, stimulating, and rewarding learning experience.

My advice to students and faculty alike is to leave no stone unturned to keep on bringing laurels to themselves and the institution.