College Code Of Conduct

College Code Of Conduct

The following general disciplinary rules have to be followed by all the students. A violation of these regulations is an offense against the institution. However, such violations are not considered crimes unless convicted and penalized by any court of law outside the college premises.


The students must wear the institution’s prescribed uniform and white coats while attending laboratories, dissection hall, and the hospital.


  1. Every student shall be required to attend at least 75% of the lectures, seminars, tutorials, practical and clinical classes of each subject in each class, failing which his/her name shall not be forwarded to the university to appear in the concerned examination.
  2. The margin of 25% of absence is intended to cover absence only because of sickness or extraordinary emergency considered justifiable by the Head of the Institution.
  3. A written application should be sent to the Head of the Institution by the student or his/her parent or guardian, reporting his/her illness or cause of absence.
  4. Every student must attend punctually at the hours notified for lectures, demonstrations, seminars, tutorial classes, practicals, and hospital wards.
  5. Students absent from college or hospital work shall be liable to a fine imposed by the Head of the Institution.
  6. Students have to be present in time at any specified activity of the institution.


  1. Students are expected to extend the highest level of courtesy and respect towards their teachers.
  2. No student is allowed to leave the lecture room without his teacher’s permission or until the class is dismissed.
  3. Immediately after the assembly of the class, the roll call will be taken. A student coming late into the classroom will be marked absent unless the teacher accepts his excuse.
  4. The teacher shall at once report any student misbehaving in the classroom to the Head of the Institution for necessary action.
  5. Students are not permitted to remain in the lecture room except during the prescribed hours of lectures.


  1. Students attending the hospital are required to abide by the hospital rules. While in the hospital, they are under the medical superintendent for disciplinary purposes, who may impose any of the following punishments on any student committing any offense in the hospital or for neglect or not appropriately carrying out any duty entrusted to him/her in the hospital.
    1. Debar him/her from attending any or all departments or hospitals for a period not exceeding three months. OR
    2. Impose such fine not exceeding Rs2000 as he may consider appropriate.
  2. Applications for leave from students doing duty in the hospital wards or outpatients departments must be submitted through their respective clinical head to the Head of the Institution.
  3. Every student is required to attend punctually at the hours notified for clinical teaching and ward duty.

Class Examination

  1. Students cannot take into the examination hall textbooks, notes, or manuscripts of any kind.
  2. Any student found infringing the examination rules or having recourse to unfair means may be expelled from the examination. The matter shall be reported to the Head of the Institution, who may refer his case for action to the institution’s disciplinary committee.
  3. Latecomers arriving at the examination hall more than 15 minutes after the paper’s start will not enter the examination hall.
  4. Leave
  5. Sick leave will only be granted on the production of a medical certificate.
  6. In all cases, leave taken will be at the student’s own risk as the attendance percentage is concerned. Even the medical certificate will not condone a deficiency in attendance.
  7. Students must not leave the station without the permission of the Head of the Institution.
  8. A student, who is absent without leave continuously for four weeks, will be struck off from the college roll.

Students Medical Certificate and Treatment

  1. Non-boarders / boarders already on vacation/leave must obtain a medical certificate from a Professor/Associate Professor of any medical college.
  2. For boarders, including those on duty in the hospital, the medical certificate must be signed by a Professor/Associate / Professor of the institution.
  3. A medical certificate must specify the nature of the illness and the period with dates of leave recommended based on that illness.
  4. Students who fall ill will be provided treatment on an outpatient basis. Students requiring hospitalization will be entitled to the facilities of the general ward patients.

Books, etc.

Every student shall provide himself with all the prescribed textbooks and other necessary instruments etc.


  1. Students are forbidden to address any member of the Board of Directors directly. Any communication intended for such higher authority must be submitted through the Head of the Institution, who will forward it if he considers it desirable.
  2. Students desirous of addressing the Head of the Institution by a letter must do so independently. Joint applications are entirely prohibited and will not receive attention.
  3. Any student wishing to make a representation on any subject has the right of direct access to the Head of the Institution at any time during college hours.
  4. Head of the Institution, Professors, and other staff are accessible at any time for listening to students’ difficulties and grievances and shall always be pleased to advise them.

General Rules

  1. Students must observe order and discipline at all times in the institution, attached hospitals, and hostels.
  2. Smoking within the institution, attached hospitals, and hostel premises is entirely prohibited.
  3. Students cannot keep firearms, non-firearm weapons (knuckles, swords, spears, etc.), and non-firearm ranged weapons (bow & arrow, javelin, air gun, etc.). Any breach of this will result in a strict disciplinary action.
  4. No game of any sort is to be played during the classes and hospital duty hours.
  5. Displaying and distributing partisan/ethnic/sectarian/political pamphlets or circulars in the institution, attached hospitals, and hostels premises are not allowed.
  6. All irregularities, neglect of duties, and breach of discipline are to be brought to the Head of the Institution’s notice by the Professor under whom the student is working.
  7. Every student to whom books or other government property is entrusted shall be held responsible for their preservation in good condition. If they are lost or damaged, they shall be required to replace them or repay their cost.
  8. Any student breaking or damaging any institution’s property shall be required to pay the repair or replacement cost.
  9. In the case of willful damage, he/she shall be punished under the disciplinary rules of the Institution.
  10. If a student of the institution takes part in any political activity or conducts himself/herself in an unbecoming manner or such manner as would interfere with the corporate life or educational work of the institution, the Head of the Institution may take any action he deems proper or brings the matter before the College Academic Council for appropriate action.
  11. No person shall be invited to address a meeting or society in the institution premises without prior permission of the Head of the Institution. In all cases, the chair shall be occupied by a responsible person approved for the purpose by the Head of the Institution. The subject of debate shall be fixed after obtaining the approval of the head of the Institution in advance.
  12. No student shall address a press conference nor write to the press on the political or related subject or matters concerned directly with the administration of the institution, the university, or any government or educational institution in Pakistan or abroad. No poster or banner shall be put up without the approval of the Head of the Institution.
  13. No society may be set up by the students or any meeting held in the institution premises without the Head of the Institution’s written permission.
  14. Riots, strikes, boycotts, and demonstrations which create disturbance for other students or the general public are not allowed.
  15. Aliens/outsiders are not allowed right of entry/use of institutional facilities/libraries/reading rooms/playgrounds/any training facility or recreational facility or any facility which the institution owns directly or indirectly. The entry of an alien in the institutional facility amounts to trespassing. An alien found within any institutional facility(s) upon identification will be requested to leave the premises immediately; in case of non-compliance institution reserves the right to expel the offending alien and/or report the issue to the police for unauthorized forced entry as a criminal act.
  16. Bringing or facilitating an alien/outsider to the institutional facility without lawful authorization is a violation of regulations and is accordingly punishable.


Level 1 Violation (Minor):

  1. These may occur because of inexperience or lack of knowledge of Institutional Conduct and Discipline Regulations on the part of persons committing the violation.
  2. These violations address incidents when an intent is questionable, are not extensive, and are unplanned.
  3. In the context of academic setting occur on a minor assignment or minor infringement of examination regulations.
  4. These are generally handled at the local level but may be referred to DC at the discretion of the HOD.

Level 2 Violation (Intermediate):

  1. These are characterized by dishonesty, harmful behavior, or delinquency of a more severe character falling between level 1 and level 3 violations or interrupt the institute’s functions in a non-significant manner.
  2. An academic setting reflects a moderate degree of cheating/plagiarism/infringement/delinquency to affect a more significant aspect or portion of the course work or more than negligible examination misconduct.

Level 3 Violation(Major):

  1. These are those that go beyond Level 1 or 2 violations. They violate Conduct and Discipline Regulations on the campus to interfere with institutional function in a significant manner or duration or are preceded by one or more violations at Levels 1 and/or
  2. The academic setting means cheating/plagiarism/infringement/delinquency that affects a significant or essential portion of work done to meet course requirements.

Level 4 Violation (Serious):

These represent the severe breaches of institutional Rules/Regulations of Conduct and Discipline.

Level 5 Violation (Most Serious):

  1. These violations represent the most severe disobedience or violence or deliberately breaking the Conduct and Discipline Regulations.
  2. These Conduct and Discipline Regulations may not cover all the possible eventualities, and the principal will be authorized to refer any issue/person in the context of conduct and discipline of the students/employee to the Disciplinary Committee or to any authority of the institution or that of State of Pakistan or any other regulatory authority outside the college.
  3. The college will make these rules and regulations readily available to all the persons concerned.
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