Session 2024-25

Vacant Seat Position

Shahida Islam Nursing College

The philosophy of the Nursing College Program is to create a learning environment in which the student avail the opportunity to get advance BScN degree and as well as transforms from a Basic diploma holder student into an advance-level degree holder and get professionals who cares for a diverse population of patients across the lifespan.
The nursing faculty respects the students as adult learners who demonstrate integrity in the classroom, as well as in the clinical setting. The philosophy utilizes a conceptual framework based on the nursing process and related disciplines as a solid foundation for the nurse. The nurses collaborate with other members of the health care team to manage patients anywhere along the health/illness continuum.
Our philosophy is congruent with the mission of the Pakistan Nursing Council and University Of Health Sciences and its commitment to prepare students for leadership and service built on a solid liberal education base and quality professional programs. It is consistent with the fundamental beliefs about nursing and nursing’s contract with society as described by PNC.
Shahida Islam Nursing College is established in 2019 to provide best quality education to nursing students from all over the Pakistan to develop competent, skillful nurses which are able to meet international standards for the enhancement of quality of care, to make up the acute shortage which is being suffered by health care organization worldwide.

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