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Managing Director

Message From The Managing Director

Fahad Islam

Establishing an institution is not an easy task but to launch an institution, to train the cream of the nation and the healers of the society is always an uphill task. We started this arduous journey to produce professionals connected to knowledge, have openness to new ideas, and look out to do things in novel ways.

The institutions are all about students, and here, we will be keenly involved in your academic lives to cater to all your academic and other needs. Our teachers will teach you and will In Sha Allah support you, advise you and direct you to the right path during your years of studies. All your physical, psychological, and educational needs will be cared for with the highly motivated faculty, staff, and mentors.

Whatever your academic program’s choice, I hope you will feel part of our unique ISLAM FAMILY, where all the students and staff are valued after joining us. I want to assure all our prospective students that your decision to enter any blossoming branch (SDMC, SDDC, SICRS, SICP, SINC, and SIPS) of the larger tree, i.e., Shahida Islam Medical Complex, will bear the fruit they and their families were longing for, in the times to come.

Shahida Islam Teaching Hospital (SITH) is a 500 bedded hospital established within the complex and provides 100% free beds, surgical, endoscopic, and OPD services in 15 different specialties by the qualified faculty of assistant professors and professors. There is enough patient pool for the training of undergraduate and postgraduate students.

We assure you that you will be assisted and guided by our management, faculty, and staff during your stay as a student and after you become a proud graduate of the institution and become a part of our Alumni Family.

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