Project Director


Saad Islam

I want to congratulate you on choosing our institution to allow yourself to prepare the humane doctors, dentists, physiotherapists, nurses, and technologists who stand out amongst their peers as professionals who have knowledge, confidence, courage, and compassion to serve the community.

These are the challenging times for the medical institutions in Pakistan as the PM&DC and HEC, in the light of global trends, are pressing hard to assess and assure the quality of education with the students put at the center of all the educational outcomes.

To meet up these national and international challenges, we at the Shahida Islam Medical Complex are continually striving to keep our curriculum and outcomes at pace with the modern teaching and learning standards. The institution is continuously engaging and employing dedicated and learned teachers and has a fully developed medical education department to keep an eye on the standards and quality of education.

The complex Alhamdulillah has covered growth milestones in a noticeably short span after its commencement. We started from Shahida Islam Medical College (SDMC) in 2016 and till 2019 have established Shahida Islam Dental College (SDDC), Shahida Islam College of Rehabilitation Sciences (SICRS), Shahida Islam College of Pharmacy (SICP), Shahida Islam Nursing College (SINC), and Shahida Islam Paramedical School (SIPS). The names of the institutions are kept in our mother’s name. We hope that all these institutions will mentor their students with the motherly energy that spells hope, creativity, responsibility, and a glorious future.

We also allow our graduates to be engaged at their parent complex as part of ISLAM FAMILY either as workforce or postgraduate trainees. At the Shahida Islam Medical Complex, you will find ourselves always there for your support in helping you nurture and prepare for the exciting future ahead of you.

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