Session 2024-25

Vacant Seat Position

Principal Shahida Islam Dental College

Prof. Dr. Muhammad Pervaiz Iqbal

Greetings and Welcome to the Shahida Islam Dental College (SDDC) Lodhran, which was established in 2019 and offered educational opportunities to ensure that the students get knowledge, skills, and sympathetic attitude and become dental surgeons, standing tall amongst the rest. You have picked the institution’s best infrastructure for training and teaching the students on evidence-based practices and problem-based learning.

We have a highly qualified and trained faculty that is abreast with the changing trends in dental education. We also have a dedicated dental education department to check on teaching quality and conduct appropriate faculty training to make them better teacher facilitators. The students are encouraged to involve in active discussion with the faculty for clearing of the concepts.

You have joined a field that can be called the basis of healthy living as dental health and hygiene is the basis of good health. We believe that after graduating, our students will lead the change to healthier and happier communities.

The learning opportunities and the learning environment at SDDC is conducive for learning. We are offering innovative learning programs that prepare students for society’s dental health needs. The students are also provided counseling and career path guidance for their professional growth. The prospects for postgraduate training are also available for our graduates.

I want to encourage you to explore your interest in various fields of dental health and begin your journey towards that goal after graduating from SDDC.

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